Thursday, June 25, 2009

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While cleaning out my basement last week, I literally walked into a box of "old" movies. What movie was on the top? "Before Sunset". I forgot how much I absolutely love that movie. When people ask what my favorite movies are, I usually respond with the obvious: Best in Show, Home Alone, Just Friends, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Swingers, etc. Before Sunset and Before Sunrise (really feels like one whole movie), are both excellent flicks. I watched both, back to back, a few nights ago. Could relate a little more to the storyline now than ever before. Can't really explain's just weird.

I'm REALLY hoping for a third to come out. I need closure and Ethan Hawke is still a babe.

That is all.

Favorite part of Before Sunrise

Favorite part of Before Sunset

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