Sunday, March 15, 2009

$1.00, 99% Accurate.

I went to the Dollar Tree today to pick up some cheap St. Patrick's Day hats, streamers, buttons, etc.

It was in Rochester Hills, not the ghetto.

As the nice lady scanned my purchases, I noticed the following displayed at the POS: Juicy fruit gum, batteries, disposable plastic fork-floss things, and a pregnancy test.

I looked at the box, glanced up at the lady and said, "Really", and then I glanced over at the pregnancy test again.

"Since when does the Dollar Store sell pregnancy tests?", I asked (pretty upset about the whole situation)

"Since we have been selling condoms", she laughed out.

I took my receipt and my 2 cents (literally) in change.

She WAS kidding. I mean, right?

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