Monday, April 13, 2009

Hello? Is this thing on....of course. It always is.

Somewhere between my Mother calling me 10 times today and a dear friend asking if I was alive because I missed her call...I asked myself, "How DID we all communicate before cell phones". How was business done? Imagine dating back in the day without cell phones. "Sorry I never showed up for dinner. I called your house, but you already left".

I remember 10th grade...the first time I had my own cell phone. The Motorola Startac-it was my mom's old phone. I thought I was da coolest. I remember going to downtown Birmingham, Caribou Coffee...the theater...Max and Erma's, and allowing my peers to use my phone. How powerful I felt. I had a way to communicate without having to pay 30 cents. There was no text messaging, caller ID, and definitely no GPS. Whoa, do you remember when color screens came out? I felt like Dorothy when I flipped it open....far from Kansas.
I would always do lunch with my girlfriends in high school, Steph and Kaytie being my regulars. Ladies-did we just meet at the gym doors? How did it work, I forget. What if someone was did we know? Or, if something came up? I don't recall ever being stood up.
"making out in the green grass...behind the stadium with you"
Van, what if the Brown Eyed Girl never picked up the phone? Or, if she wasn't home when you arrived to pick her up?
"kiss me through the phone", okay Soulja Boy. No problemo. I have a phone. You have a phone. He has a phone. She has a phone. Hell, my old school German Oma has a phone. She doesn't know how to use it, but she has one. (she also doesn't know how to operate her badass flat screen, power washer, or power locks in her car). That's okay though.
I will keep this one short and all know I have a tendency to go on and on and on and on....I just wanted to know how DID they do it? I feel naked, incomplete, and totally lost without my Blackberry. I freak out when my phone dies. What if I get the most important call of my life? I mean, right?
If it's that important...they will call back. They always do.


  1. I don't remember how we coordinated meeting up for lunch, either, but I think it involved meeting at one of our cars. But think about it, Rach, cell phones weren't really necessary. If for some reason I was supposed to meet you and you weren't there, chances are you'd be in one of the following three places: 1) that bagel place on Lincoln, 2) Farmer Jack's, and 3) Caribou Coffee. We never went anywhere else! Not too hard to coordinate when you're in high school and don't have a life, eh? ;)

  2. my first cell phone weighed 5 was huge. and it was a dime for a payphone call...last i checked it was 75 cents...good Lord how times have changed. i am grateful for cell phones for sure!