Tuesday, April 21, 2009

20 songs that make me cry...is this weird?

I could be in the best mood, EVER...but when I hear certain songs. I'm a wreck. Maybe not a "wreck", but I fear my contacts will fall out from the additional moisture.

Here are some: (actually, I just figured out how to incorporate video into Blogs, so...I needed an excuse)

#1. Gavin Degraw's Version of "Tracks of My Tears":

#2. Johhny Lang, "Breakin' Me". Considering he was only 17 when he recorded it simply amazes me.

#3. Kelly Clarkson, "Beautiful Disaster". I think we all know why this song makes me sad...please don't make me explain it again.

#4. Jet, "Look what you've Done". It gone done make me cry each and every time

#5. John Mayer, "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room". How poetic...aaaaand it makes me cry.

#6. Candlebox, "Far Behind". I was never left by anyone, but I typically leave people. Forget, no explanation, just love the song

#7. Snow Patrol, "Run". (However, I really think Leona Lewis sings it better...so....)

Actually, Leona is WAY better....

#8. Sinead O'Conner (Prince), "Nothing Compares to You"
.....................please. This song has eat ice cream and read Jane Austen ALL over it. Sure, she had her breakdown with the Catholic Church, but haven't we all.

#9. Andrea Bocelli, "Con te Partiro" "Time to Say Goodbye". No clue what he is singing, but the title is enough to make me cry.

#10. Elvis, " I can't help falling in love with you". It was my parents wedding song. Borderline cheesey, yes...BUT, when you see them slow dance to it (even in the kitchen), you cry. I love my parents therefore I love this song.

#11. Bryan Adams, "Please forgive me". For some odd reason, I LOVE the pseudo apologetic ballads. I always thought this song was about him asking for forgiveness because he messed up(until like 5 months ago). Oh, no...he wants you to forgive him because he loves you SOOOO much. Ah, beautiful.

#11.5 Michael Bolton, "Said I loved you but I lied". I LITERALLY thought he lied about loving someone, until I listened to the lyrics around Christmas time when the song came on Pandora. HE FEELS MORE than love. Therefore, he "lied" when he said he "loved" you. It's so so so much more than that. YOU ALL KNOW I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG!

Please take the time to appreciate the big hair, stone-washed jeans, and random girl riding bareback on the beach. OH! And the line of fire....AND the same mountain top Britney sang "I'm not yet a woman" on. Actually, Bolton takes us on a unique and sensual tour of what appears to be the Southwest. Yee haw, Michael. I can't believe it's not butter...wait..wrong guy.

#12. Mariah Carey, "My All". ***Warning. If you have a dog, be nice and put headphones on. Some of these notes, like at the start of the song, may be offensive to them***

#13. Schubert,"Ave Maria". So many versions of this song. Absolutely one of my favorite songs...reminds me of funerals, though. So do fresh flowers.

#14. Sarah Brightman and Winchester Boys Choir, "Pie Jesu". Love it love it love it. Loved it since I was 6 years old...

#15. Coldplay, "The Scientist". I appreciate Natasha Bedingfield's version. Right right right.

#16. Heart, "Alone". Because we can ALL relate to this song. Period. The End. Roll the credits.

#17. Gavin Degraw, "Lover be Strong". This song is brilliant. Gavin is underrated. And that's all I'm going to say about all that.

#18. Chris Isaak, "Life will go on". This was in the movie, "Chasing Liberty". Um...I heard it and cried. I couldn't find a version with only Chris singing. No clue why Cyndi is in it. Go have fun, Cyndi.

#19. Phil Collins, "Against all odds". Again, anyone have a Kleenex or a gun? Just kidding about the gun, but I'll take the tissue.

#20. Dave Matthews, "Stay or Leave". Obviously, he did not stay. And that's why it makes me sad.

#21. ***BONUS TRACK*** Jack Johnson, "Sitting, waiting, wishing". I sit. I wait. I wish. And it's not without tears. Oh, Jack....

My heart will go on, Jack. I mean, right?


  1. I definitely had to download a few of these that I didn't have. HEART! Obsessed!



    I'm OBSESSED with Johnny Lang, too....ah-mazing.

    I left so many out. As lame as this sounds , "Something" by Lasgo makes me sad because it reminds me of Quebec and our trip....ah, our younger years....how innocent were we...geez.