Monday, September 21, 2009

Songs that I SHOULD be embarrassed to admit that I love, but I'm not

1. Usher, "Dot Com"

I think the lyrics are 100% genius while being 110% cheesy. "Get on my laptop so I can download". REALLY, Usher? "Oh, I need your backspace in my life. Thank God you don't have a flat screen"

HAHA-LOVE IT. Seriously though, I absolutely LOVE this song. I just ignore the lyrics....

2. Britney Spears, "Don't let me be the last to know"

first-Britney is SMOKIN' HOT in this video. I actually bought that SAME white bikini in hopes I would wake up with rock hard abs-didn't work. Again-completely horrible song that I completely love.

3. Jessica Simpson, "I wanna love you forever"

This is STILL part of my "time to clean the house" playlist on my Ipod. Not only does it encourage sweeping, dusting, folding clothes, and softscrubbin' anything I can get my hands encourages me to be in love. Maybe I should listen to it more. Great song....but I probably should have stopped listening to it back in 2000 when it stop being cool.

4. 112-"Cupid"

I still remember when I called up WJLB when I was like a freshman in high school to request this song on The Quiet Storm. The DJ goes, "Whats yo name", I said, "RACHEL", "Where you calling from girl?" and I said, "Troy"

"Detroit? What side, girl?"

"No, Troy"

He hung up on me, but still played my song.

5. 98 Degrees, "Invisible Man"

They were a boy band-enough said. Actually, allow me to elaborate. Next time I get invited to a cherades party, I will be sure to invite Nick Lachey-look at his arm movements. Over acting, Nick...calm down.

6. LFO,"Summer Girls"

Another boy band...another great song. In a REALLY REALLY lame way. "Chinese food makes me sick". Woooooooooooooooooooooooord.

7. Ace of Base, "The Sign"
I lip-synced this song at a summer camp AND convinced my whole 5th grade class that THIS was the BEST song to sign at our graduation ( I remember fighting with Terry Boyle about this one. He wanted Nirvana "come as you are".

8. Color Me Badd, "All 4 Love"

I LOVED this song when I was like 8. Upbeat-happy-makes ya wanna dance...even like 20 years later.

9. All Saints, "Never Ever"

I remember making my friends in high school listen to this....on my Sony Walkman. If you can get through the forced-awkward talking at the start of the song, it gets better. Kind of like high school.

10. Charles and Eddie, "Would I lie to you"

This one is dedicated to my best friend, Stephanie. This has been "our song" for as long as I can remember. I love you, Steph! NO CLUE why we love this song so much, but we do!


11. London Beat, "I've been thinking about you"

I will forever love this song. "we must have been stone crazy, when we thought we were just friends". No kidding, guys...NO KIDDING. Love it.

12. *N Sync, "I want you back"

This song takes me back to 10th grade....right back. Right back to driving to Bagel Factory or Buddys Pizza for lunch. Writing notes in Flex with Jenny Wu. My purple sparkly eye shadow. Mudd Jeans. WOW. I STILL love this song....I want it back.

13. Hot Boys, "I need a hot girl"

All I gotta say about this one is "PHG". Right, Wu Thang?

14. Anita Ward, "Ring My Bell"

I actually requested this song at a club in South Beach....guess what, THEY PLAYED IT!

RING RING, Bitches.

15. Blackstreet, "No Diggity"

No doubt.

16. Geto Boys, "G Code"

This is the song that finds it's way to most of my mix cds...and when stopped at a red light, I turn this ish down. WAY DOWN!, scene from Office Space-down.

In the privacy of my own home...well...."we don't trust in the judicial system, we shoot guns" Awesome.

17. Limp Bizkit, "Nookie"

This song reminds me of my sister's old bedroom. We were obsessed with this song...

I mean, "are" obsessed.

18. Mandy Moore, "I wanna be with you"

I'm not going to apologize-I still think this song is great. I love Mandy Moore.

19. Kelis, "Milkshake"

la-la-la-la-la, the boys are waiting.

My goodness, girl...pure grime. I LOVE it.

20. Enrique, "Bailamos"

This song is STILL hot in my book. Honestly, one of the sexiest songs ever. Reminds me of summer of 2001...GOOD times :)

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