Monday, September 21, 2009

Songs that take me back

Most of the events, places, and people that I hold near to my heart, I recall by smell and song. Many don't believe me when I say I can recall scents-but I can. I remember scents of London, my college dorm hallway, his car, my Opa, my old house, etc. Literally, when I hear certain songs, they take me right back to that moment in time. Regardless of what I'm doing, where I am, or how long it has been...I go back.

Here are some of those songs:

1. Toca's Miracle-Fragma

Winter of 2001-heard this song in Rome. EVERYTHING comes back when I hear this song: the lady at the Diesel store that refused to let me try on a white shirt because she was afraid my make up would rub off. I was wearing nothing but mascara. The hot special forces guy I met from Texas, on his way to Croatia. The pub crawl we took with my Aunt Gayle. The pistachio gelato I ordered at this small shop near the Spanish Steps. The black cats around the Coliseum. Everything. I go back.

2. Yellow Ledbetter-Pearl Jam

This song wraps up 6th-8th grade. While I do my best to block those wonderful years out of my memory, this song always remains. I would put this song on repeat on my Sony CD player, which took up half of my dresser, and would put this song on repeat as I read, "Lord of the Flies", "Hatchet", and did last minute reports on John Lennon, Spotted Owls, and Voyage of the Mimi. I love this song almost as much as the man who sings it.

3. Shawty-Plies

I know, don't hate, don't judge, and don't repeat this. I flippin' LOVE this jam. This song represents one of the best summers of my life-sushi with Simona everyday, Vince (it was fun at the time), and laying out by the pool every single day. I went through some major mental AND physical changes that summer...gooooooood times. This song immediately takes me back to SPF15, jean cut offs, and ZERO responsibilities.

4. What's Love-Fat Joe w/ Ashanti

The first time I heard this song, I was at a Pimps and Ho's Party at Stanford visiting Steph. All I recall is a lot of black lights, tin foil, and me, it was a theme party so I went with it. The best memory of this song is Steph and I thinking it was called, "LAST NIIIIIGHT". I still throw this song on my, "Time to get ready to go out" playlist.

5. Stay or Leave-Dave Matthews


I have no comment. Still heart broken. (sigh)

6. 1, 2, 3...Gloria Estefan

Just let me complete the sentence. I was setting green beans on the kitchen table at my grandparents house. This song. I don't know. No other explanation. I was 3 at the time.

7. The Chokin' Kind-Joss Stone

April of 2005. Townsend Hotel. Mitchell's Fish Market. Lenny's Kravitz. Lenny's personal (very personal) trainer. Miami. (sigh). That is all.

8. Across the Universe-The Beatles

Family road trip to visit family in Ontario. We listened to the Black or ...was it the White Album? Regardless, this is the song I remember most. Driving in my Dad's Silver 850 Turbo..the smell of the car, Julie and I in the backseat, windows down..........this song. I was 11

9. Tearin' Up My Heart-* N Sync

Flex. Jenny Wu. Troy High parties. Me dancing in front of my bedroom, bathroom, and the MASSIVE-dance studio-like mirrors in the living room. I thought Justin was the best thing since Lip Smackers and colored contacts. So happy that phase only lasted 2 weeks.....the colored contacts, I still rep the Smackers.

....okay, you know what-my boys deserve some more face time. Please note Justin's "Ryan Phillipe moment"

Oh yes, there is more.

I can't promise you that they are actually singing, but who the hell was love.

Um, do you have to ask me twice? NO. I mean, YES. YES I WILL BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND. "I ain't shooting game, boo. I'm just tellin' ya how I feel".


10. The Scientist-Coldplay

Nobody ever said it was easy.....and it's not. But, I still love this song.


  1. Rach, your Justin phase lasted way longer than two weeks, lol...I remember that shirt you made to try to get backstage at the concert...I feel ya on the magic of a song taking you back to a single moment, though, it's amazing how it can do that!


  2. Rach! hahaha-yes. My "Property of Justin" shirt :)

    I forgot a song, "Honky Tonk Women", by the Stones. THAT song reminds me of our Europe trip, because it was on my playlist...I mean, CD....this was before the time of mp3's :)